Frequently Asked Questions

What is Macaroni KID?

Macaroni KID is a free weekly newsletter and website that delivers news on all the kid and family friendly events going on in your community. From movie listings to junior play writing, from ballroom dancing to PAL basketball, from sailing classes to origami classes, you can find all the amazing events happening in your own backyard on Macaroni KID!

Does it cost anything to subscribe?

Nope. And we know your time is valuable, so subscribing is quick and easy. And, if for any reason you wish to unsubscribe from Macaroni KID, the process is just as painless.

What is your privacy/editorial policy?

We will not sell, rent or share your email address or any other information. For a more detailed look at our Privacy/Editorial Policy, please click here.

Do I need to install any software on my device?

Nope. Macaroni KID comes to you weekly as an email and you can access the website anytime. There is no special software needed.

Can I forward this newsletter to a friend?

Absolutely. We have posted a forward-to-a-friend button at the bottom of your newsletter. Click on the button and forward-away to as many friends as you like. The more the merrier! And if that's not accessible at the time, you can always send your friend to the site ( as the current newsletter is always posted on your town's home page.

Where does Macaroni KID get its content?

Macaroni KID gets its content from your local library, schools, performing art providers, science centers, museums, newspapers, theaters, sports centers and more!

Can I submit an event?

All you need to do is fill us in by clicking the Submit an Event button below the list of events on the Events Page. It’s helpful if you let us know where, when, the cost and recommended ages. But most important is contact info so that we can confirm the details.

Can I get information about advertising?

To partner with Macaroni KID to connect your brand with millions of parents across the nation, visit our Advertising page

What is CertifiKID and how does it benefit Macaroni KID subscribers?

In August 2020, Macaroni KID was acquired by CertifiKID. Widely recognized as one of the best deal websites for parents, CertifiKID helps parents provide incredible experiences for their kids on a budget. With Macaroni KID joining the CertifiKID family, we are now the premier resource for parents and caregivers nationwide to discover and save on everything their families want and need. To sign up FREE for CertifiKID’s family deals, click HERE.